My most careful survey of believable global financial collapse links

This blog is for sharing certain ideas I believe are too important to keep to myself. I won’t discuss ecological catastrophe or peak oil here. Instead I will only try to collect in this blog lightly annotated links to others’ lucid ideas about a soon-to-come, global, full-blown systemic financial meltdown or collapse, how it is bound to virtually destroy us if we don’t prepare for it, and how we might prepare for it. This is meant to be a practical blog. As such, the original categories of posts are:

  1. Predictions that convince us we might want to consider the possibility of an imminent Big Reset. This is the only category that contains posts so far—except for three in the Why category. is my personal recommendation for where most people could start to get a handle on the ideas about why and survival.
  2. Why—why the Big Reset is coming, so we can be convinced it is.
  3. What—what the Bit Reset is. Is it a depression, a long recession, a fiat currency collapse, or a default on sovereign obligations? How extreme will it be? Will it be arrested at an early stage or will it end with complete cultural collapse?
  4. When. The best ways to prepare for the Big Reset will depend upon when it comes to a head, how much warning we get before that, and how sharp and sudden or how gradual the Big Reset unfolds.
  5. Where. For personal reasons this blog will be most concerned with the effects of the Big Reset on the USA and India.
  6. Survival—how to survive (and maybe thrive) during and after the Big Reset.
  7. Gold. Gold-related assets (physical gold, gold ETFs, mining stocks, etc.) are recommended by some advisors as a component of asset portfolios. How would different kinds of possible macro economic events affect the values of gold-related assets? For example, how would deflation affect the real-dollar price of gold?

My criteria for posts in this blog are:

  1. I will only link to information from highly educated and respected or prize-winning people and from well-known or well-backed organizations—only household names, at least household names to the developed countries, and
  2. I will only link to hard information—not to unsupported conspiracy theories backed with only anecdotal evidence.
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